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New England Model Train EXPO

Layout Displays

We would like to thank the following groups who displayed their model railroads at
our 2015 New England Model Train Expo:

Amherst Railway Society, Inc. HO Scale

The Amherst Railway Society was started in the 1950's and is presently a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation which has about 400 members. Our modular railroad, the Amherst Belt Lines, was organized on Nov 25, 1978 as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Society. The Belt Lines participates in multiple hobby shows annually, assembling layouts from 450 sqft to over 5000 sqft. The Belt Lines is an operating group that utilizes a Car Card and Waybill system on all of our layouts.

Bay Colony & Western HO Scale  

The Bay Colony & Western is a linear modular model railroad built for switching. The layout is configurable into a straight linear arrangement, "U" shape or "L" shape, based on the venue floor plan.

Bertlin Railroad HO Scale  

5' x 40 in. HO controlled by DCC.

Bristol S Gauge Railroaders S Scale

The Bristol S Gauge Railroaders are dedicated to S scale (1/64 scale) model railroading. Formed in 1948, we believe we are the longest-running S scale club in America!

Members are interested in most branches of S scale, including, but not limited to, Scale, Narrow Gauge (Sn3 and Sn2), Hi-Rail, and American Flyer operating and collecting. Our major goals are to learn from each other and have fun doing it.

European Train Enthusiasts HO Scale

The national organization of European Train Enthusiasts (ETE) was founded in February of 1973. The Eastern New England chapter was chartered in 2000 with the intention of bringing together all who are interested in the railroads of Europe. We desire by our association to share our ideas and interests, problems, and skills, and thus to find mutual support and encouragement.

The layout depicts German, Austrian and Swiss trains and scenes, complete with catenary and operated by computers.

Kenwood & Lynville HO Scale  

The Kenwood & Lynville is a modern-era, freelanced modular switching layout. It is DCC and provides two primary switching areas, one on each end. There is an interchange with a 'fiddle' area behind the backdrop that provides for a third operator from time to time, who picks up emptys and drops off loads.

MaiNe TRAK N Scale  

MaiNe TRAK was formed in December of 1996. We tour the northeast and work closely with Northeast N-trak, Montreal N-Rail, and the HUB Division, promoting the hobby of model railroading. This year our 14x26 foot layout demonstrates the flexibility of our two trak system incorporating traditional N-trak modules by using simple conversion modules.

Metrowest Model Railroad Society O Scale

Metrowest Model Railroad Society is a non-profit model Railroad club. Our layout is a 16' x 39' 2-rail O scale layout. The models are 1/48th the size of prototype trains, meaning 1/4 inch equals one foot. The trains mostly represent railroading between 1920-1990.

Narragansett Bay Railroad & Navigation Co. On30 Scale

The Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation Company is a Rhode Island-based On30 scale modular railroad group. Membership is free and open to all interested parties. The modular railroad consists of 30in wide primary modules and narrower 15in wide FreMo style modules. These are assembled in a free-form basis. The layout is never assembled in the same shape twice, and we can expand or contract to fit the available space. There is no inside or outside to the layout.

Northeast T-Trak N Scale  

This is a N scale T-TRAK modular railroad, measuring 11'x11' on three standard 8' tables.

Pepperell Siding HO Scale

We are a model railroad club with members from MA and NH. We have a modular layout which we take to shows and a permanent layout under construction at our club building.

Youth In Model Railroading HO Scale

Youth In Model Railroading is a non-profit model railroad club for youth ages 8-18. Members build and scenic their own modules for display and operation at local train shows as part of our modular layout.

And Your Host --

NMRA HUB Division HO Scale

The Hub Division is sponsoring this show and will also have a large modular railroad of its own. The railroad operates using Digital Command Control (DCC). With DCC, trains operate on low voltage AC power instead of the traditional DC power.  Each train engine has a small computer chip installed, and computer instructions are sent to the locomotives through the electric pulses transmitted through the rails. Each engine only responds to it's instructions, so that all trains are independently controlled without the need for traditional DC blocks and cab control.

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